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South Eastern Australia

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Pebbly Beach, Batemans Bay

Pebbly Beach, north of Bateman's bay, is famous for its semi-tame kangaroo population, though usually they keep well away from the water. This one jumped right in, stared out to sea for a minute or so, then bounded away.






Narrooma is a peaceful seaside town that boasts good fishing and scuba diving. The nearby Montague Island is home to a seal colony.




Eden is home to one of the deepest bluewater bays in NSW, and is home to the state's largest fishing fleet.



Pambula is a small holiday town 5 km's south of Merrimbula.







Green Cape

Green Cape is a 26km long strip of coast that points East into the Tasman Sea. It is mostly bushland and is occupied by the usual wildlife including kangaroos, wallabies and koalas.



Cape Howe

Cape Howe lies on the border between NSW and Victoria. In can be accessed by a long hike from the road, but we found flying over it a less daunting experience.



Gabo Island

Gabo Island is around 4km long and sits near the Victorian/NSW border. The lighthouse is visible in this picture on the left side, and yes, that is really a runway, all 100 metres of it.


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