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19th January 2002

        Australian Coastline Photography of Corey Hamilton

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Stanwell Tops

They stopped the fires just short of this idyllic location. You can see a little red burnt spot about half way up the mountain. On the way back to Sydney the bush on either side of the highway was badly burnt.


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Cliff near Watamoola

The trek from Watamoola beach to Little Marely in the Royal National Park, just South of Sydney, takes around an hour. This cliff face is the first contact the trail has with the ocean.


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Little Marely Beach


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I climbed down to the beach, and was thrilled to find it completely empty. I ate my lunch on the sand close to the water.


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I went fishing on the platform you can see in the distance, but had no luck. After a relaxing cup of coffee I made my way reluctantly back to civilisation


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October 16th, 2001